My Adoption Story

I was Chosen. I am Wanted. I Grew in Their Hearts. I Have a Family. I am Adopted.

A (Big) Move…

Again, time passed quickly (as it tends to do!), and I ended up working in Hollywood as a TV producer. Since 2003, I’ve been working in TV, and I’ve loved every second of it – I’ve worked on over a dozen shows.

But in 2010, I made a choice – to split my time between Nashville, Tennessee and Los Angeles. Primarily, I did this because I was getting more involved in my community in Nashville – and the wonderful folks at Show Hope.

I traveled to China in 2011 to visit Maria’s Big House of Hope, and fell in love with the work that Show Hope does every day. My eyes were truly opened to the orphan crisis in the world, and the myriad issues facing adoptees, adopted parents, the world of foster care, and so much more.

I’m happy to have connected with so many amazing people in the adoption community, and to have the ability to support the cause in my work in television.